Casual musing, gone right!

What is LIFE?
This is a frequently asked question. We ask this to ourselves. We hesitantly ask our elders & often to our friends who are a bit ‘philosophical types’. I was happily riding my scooter on a not-so-crowded road of Bangalore, listening to an upbeat song mildly playing on the radio. And I kinda happened to ask myself the same thing. A voice inside me even replied, in order to satiate my curiosity.
You are the driver of the vehicle. The vehicle is the life given to you. The wide-long road ahead of you is the journey of life that awaits you and the stretch of the road behind you is the life that has been already lived by you. You are not always aware of the potholes, the bumps, the turns or even the destination. But you keep going. And you don’t just mind your own business, you even overtake the other vehicles, you honk and you poke your nose into others’ business. You get jealous of others’ bike or car or auto-rickshaw for that matter. You accelerate or decelerate as per your various moods. Some of us get lucky enough to find our destinations and arrive there safely; while some of us fall down or fall behind in the process of reaching there. Some of us get lost mid way and seek other’s help to move forward. And also there are some of us who don’t even get to reach the finish line, courtesy – lethal accidents! Doesn’t that tell you about life ? Can you relate to what I am saying ? Well, who knew! One frikkin’ ride on not-that-great-a-day can make me life-savvy!
Note – Doesn’t mean you should go on a long drive whenever you are tangled with the shackles called problems in your life. That’s not the only way!

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