ME Before YOU!

I am here, yet I am not.

You are here, yet you are not.

It was supposed to be forever, yet the end feels so near.

I am living with a dead inside and you are living with tremendous pride.

You blame it on me, I blame it on you,
it goes on and on without a single clue.

You wanted me to be yours. But I was mine first.

I had an interest, you sliced its throat.
I had an ambition, you stepped on it.
I had a voice of my own, you silenced it.
I was not destined to be a trophy on the shelf of your living room.
I was not born to cater to your needs.
I did not study so hard just to use it for calculations of monthly expenditure of the house.

I am here for reasons much more greater than you can ever think of.
I am my strength – It took me losing myself to understand this!
And now that I have deciphered it, I am going to live again.
I am going to raise my voice for a separation from you.
I am going to fulfill my ambition, whatever it takes.

Try your best to stop me and you will see me in fury.
The love is long gone and I don’t care what the world says about me.

I will stand for myself and the day you see me shine,
you’ll understand what I am capable of and what you lost, all just because of your silly ego.

Wish you’ll come around one day!

I tried to make you understand with love and care;
but I guess you’ll have to learn the hard way.

Sorry that it has come to this!

Take care!

– soon to be your ex wife.


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