‘Love’ inspires you, ‘Love’ keeps you grounded, ‘Love’ gives you hope for a better tomorrow!

Saadhna and Sameer had tied the knot on this very day, five years ago. Theirs was an awwdorable one. Met in college, certain chemical reactions happened in their brains, force of attraction made it impossible for them to stay away from each other. You know those really famous couples in your batch? They were one of them, who everybody else envied. Half of the single people wished for them to break up and the others, who themselves were couples, tried really hard to be like them. But alas! They were simply a class apart. They had set some high relationship goals in the college!
The cute cupid love story went on even after college. They were even closer to each other now. Their bond grew rock solid. No other commitments were more important than the ones they made to one another. Their love was so pure and powerful that even their families could feel it and they had the most beautiful wedding ever, with the blessings and best wishes from everyone around.
Sameer was the happiest man alive and Saadhna was living a fairy tale life. Paris was the place they chose for their honeymoon. Oh Paris! The place of love, the place that makes you fall in love with itself. They were mesmerized, completely smitten by the beauty, the authenticity of Paris. This was the best time of their lives. They cherished every tiny moment of it.
They rejoined their offices once they were back in India. Life went on as beautifully and as normally it could.
After a few years, Sameer started staying late in office. The work load seemed to have gulped his happiness down. Saadhna tried to be at his side, but he shut her down completely. He was becoming somebody else. Saadhna could see him transform in front of her own eyes. And she felt helpless, poor soul! Sameer wouldn’t tell her anything at all, he wouldn’t speak to her for days. He had stopped eating, sleeping and even smiling. Saadhna missed his smile the most, that sweeet adorable smile. Now Saadhna knew that she had to do something about it. She couldn’t leave it to time to heal the wound on their marriage anymore. The first three years were perfect; but suddenly after that it had taken a down trip so fast, that before she could gather her senses, Sameer’s spirit, his spark was already lost into the oblivion.
She started by cooking his favorite dishes at home, deliberately switching to sports channels on the TV when he was around, hiding his watch, wallet etc, so that he had to talk to her to find it for him! Sameer was not blind. He could see the efforts his beloved wife was putting to bring him back. But he just didn’t have the time or strength to be there for her, with her! It made him feel guilty. It was wrong on his part to just have stepped away from his responsibilities as a husband.
Today is the fifth anniversary of their marriage. Saadhna has baked a red velvet cake to celebrate their togetherness, in front of their friends and families. All of them have come bearing gifts, cards, sweets and what not! The only person missing from the party is Sameer. Saadhna has called him over ten times, left him a dozen messages. But she has got no response from him. She is worried, worried beyond belief. She is talking to the guests, taking care of them, smiling or even laughing at the jokes being cracked; but she finds her way to the loo every half an hour to weep, to think where he might be, the love of her life! As she is wiping the tear drops away, she gets a message from Sameer. It reads, “Sweetheart, please get rid of the guests as soon as possible. I have something to tell you. <a kiss emoticon> and <a heart emoticon>”. She stares at the phone for a lingering moment, confused but smilingly and then goes out declaring that she is not feeling well and all of them have to leave as soon as possible. They oblige and as soon as she is alone in the house, she hears the doorbell. She runs towards the door and swings it open. It is her Sameer, the Sameer she knew a couple of years ago. He is standing there with a gorgeous bouquet of only red roses, just how she likes them.
He is wearing his most enigmatic smile. She just melts down at this sight. She feels alive again. The joy that she feels right now is above everything else that she had ever felt. Sameer makes her sit on the sofa, takes her hands in his and says, “honey, I have quit my dreadful job. I had been thinking about it for a while and I have finally done it. It took everything away from me. My sanity, my confidence and even you, my love. But I refuse to let it go on like this. I will start doing something I really love. I will open something on my own, we will figure it out together. But on this anniversary and also the promise day, I want to promise you something. I want us back, and I know you want that too. So, be mine forever?” Saadhna is sobbing like a baby by this time. She doesn’t even take a second to reply “yes, yes of course!”
Sameer did keep his promise. He owns a cafe chain in Mumbai now, and he is happy and content with his life. Saadhna is once again the happy fairy of the fairy tale. And they have a small bundle of joy in their life now. Inaya, their enchanting little girl!
…..And they lived happily ever after! ☺

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