Bitten By Bugs – Part 1

Tisha was felling ecstatic. It was after almost a year of video calls and WhatsApp messages; she was finally going to visit her dearest brother. He was married and settled in the USA and this was the first time she was traveling abroad. She had plenty of reasons to be excited about. She always felt in her heart that she was meant to be a part of the western culture. She used to religiously follow the sitcoms, the movies, the talk shows, the bands, the songs, the fashion, the everything. But the most important reason behind her over the top enthusiasm was something else; which you’ll get to know later. This was the vacation Tisha ever wanted or dreamed of.

She carefully packed every piece of clothing, the food her mom insisted on taking, she also secretly packed ten packs of Marlboro lights for her brother just as he had instructed and eagerly waited for the dawn to set in. She was all ready to fly off; she checked her luggage in and roamed around the airport like a four year old in an amusement park. She could barely contain the ‘continuous beaming on her face’ or the ‘rigorous tapping of her foot in sync with the music playing on her iPod’. She smiled stupidly at everyone along the way of boarding the flight and slept like a baby almost the entire duration of her journey.

After a long journey, she finally landed and her bhaiya and bhabhi were already waiting for her with big smiles. Her brother was very very delighted to see her and it was quite evident from his face. He informed her that they had to wait for another half an hour at the airport as his friend was also coming to visit them. Tisha already knew that he was going to join them; but she was unaware about the day of his arrival. Rajveer, the friend, was a very handsome, funny and intelligent young man. Tisha had always had a bit of a crush on him, since the time she was just a school going girl. And whenever she thought about being at his side while exploring the USA, it gave her goose bumps.

On the other hand, Rajveer had always treated Tisha as a child, a next door kiddo. They knew each other since the time Tisha was starting to learn how to walk. He was completely clueless about how Tisha felt about him. They used to meet up every day, because of her brother, when they were younger, until one day Rajveer had to leave town for his under grad studies. So, this was a miniature reunion for all three of them after eight long years of separation. Each one was more cheery than the other.

After the airport get-together chapter, all of them went home to a healthy and tasty dinner prepared by the sweetheart Bhabiji and they retired to their rooms to get a good night sleep. But Rajveer could just not fall asleep. His entire consciousness was focused on the fact that Tisha was all grown up and oh my! Was she the most beautiful thing he had ever laid his eyes upon!! You’ll be glad to know that he was not the only one suffering from insomnia that night. That chiselled body, the aura around Rajveer, those sparkly eyes and that sexy beard had successfully performed their magic on our sweet Tisha. She could feel a tension building up in her body, her muscles tightening on thought of Rajveer’s perfectly kissable lips, an unknown feeling of longing rising like a wild fire inside her just to be in his presence – it was killing her. All of the desire, infatuation she once felt for him came back to her, slowly and then all at once. It is safe to say that, it was the longest night of their lives.

Both of them were in a real hurry the next morning to get a shower, put on the best clothes and appear presentable at the breakfast table. Tisha’s bhaiya and bhabi were feeling out of place as they were still in their PJ’s, in their own house, like normal people! It was luckily a weekday and both bhaiya and bhabi had to go to office and Tisha was going to make the best of it. She suggested a day out in NYC and Rajveer gladly acknowledged her plan. They jotted down all the places they wanted to visit and set out with a map, a small bag with fruits, a water bottle, a charger and other essentials. They covered as many as they could in one day and by evening they found themselves in Manhattan. They both were exhausted out of all the sightseeing of the day and Rajveer badly needed a drink. But it was the first day he was hanging out with Tisha, after eight years, he wasn’t sure if she had ever been to a bar before and he couldn’t even figure out how to ask her about it. He then somehow came up with a lame idea, sat beside her and started Googling “best bars in Manhattan”, all while tilting his phone towards Tisha. She obviously noticed, smiled to herself and then declared that Cantina Rooftop seemed really nice.

Rajveer heaved a sigh of relief and they headed towards the bar. It was not the usual kinds that Rajveer liked; it was more of an elite place, meant for romantic dates, candlelight dinners – he concluded. He was more of a Purple Haze, HRC kinda guy! But he was fine with any place that offered alcohol at that hour of the day. They grabbed a table on one of the edges from which you could see a bit of NYC, dressed like a bedazzled bride. A waiter handed them the food and drinks menu and left after promising them to come back in five. Rajveer was very sure that he wanted a pitcher of wheat beer, a pack of cigarettes and some French fries to go with it; so he turned to Tisha to ask her if she would like a mock tail or just some food! But to his utmost awe, she ordered for ‘whiskey on the rocks’ and garlic bread with cheese. Rajveer’s mouth hung open for several seconds and the words were still echoing in his head ‘whiskey on the rocks’. Tisha was laughing hysterically at Rajveer’s reaction and he was still in shock.

By the time the waiter got them their order; Rajveer had gathered his senses back and was starting to accept that Tisha was not just the sweet-little-boring-kid-next-door anymore. She was free, fun, witty, sassy, pretty, fiery and sexy as hell! Her perfect figure was appropriately highlighted by the off-shoulder royal-blue dress she was wearing. Tisha was well aware of the fact that she had mesmerized Rajveer and that he was checking her out from time to time. She was thoroughly enjoying all the attention from him; but she wanted more, she wanted him!

The drinks kept coming; they were at their third basket of French fries and the DJ decided to add on to the already-heady-atmosphere. All the top hits were playing; but it was ‘Don’t let me down – The Chainsmokers ft. Daya’ that made it impossible for Tisha to just sit there and not tap her foot to it. She got up and started grooving with perfect swag for the song and hit the dance floor like a boss. She looked like a Diva dancing away with all those amateur minions next to her. Rajveer was completely smitten by her – her hair bouncing to the beats, her perfect body swaying with the music, her pretty little face making expressions to show off just how exciting of a girl she was! All the people on the dance floor were glued to her moves, everybody started matching their steps with hers, she was also approached by many handsome young men to dance with them and she looked like she was having the time of her life! She did let a few of the handsome-s  dance with her and kept looking at Rajveer with those killer eyes of hers, piercing his heart, inviting him onto the dance floor. But he was still sitting at his table, stunned & stuck, not for a second being able to take his eyes off of her, trying his best not to go near her at any cost, for he knew if she were closer to him, he wouldn’t be able to stop himself from doing the things he had yearned for the night before. Soon it was almost closing time and Rajveer was thankful for that as he was focusing on just bringing Tisha home safe and sound ASAP.

They decided to walk till the nearest metro station. The cold breeze was like a drug, making them feel lighter than cotton. She was holding his hand, leaning her head on his shoulder; neither of them was uttering even a single word. The chilly, dark, silent night was turning things into an electrifying inducement between the two absolutely beautiful souls. They took the metro, sat together, still holding hands, accidentally exchanging stolen glances from each other, their breathing was getting heavier, Tisha was feeling the same tension in her body she felt the night before. Her stomach was churning out of all the unresolved excitement and lust! She could feel the goosebumps rising to the extreme on her entire body. All she could think about was his lips, and they were so damn close to her! Her angelic instinct was telling her to behave; but the devil inside her wanted her to seize the moment; take what her heart ached for and kiss him like it was their last day on this planet. At the same moment, all Rajveer wanted to do was to hold her tight by her waist, turn her towards him in a frisk, look deep into her eyes adding to the magnetism of the surrounding and kiss those glorious lips of hers while holding her pressed against his chest. But they were frozen, they couldn’t move even an inch. No words were spoken, no exchange of glances occurred and with all those thought bubbles bursting in their heads; they reached their stop.

They started walking again and this time there was no holding of hands, they both were struggling to control the floods of feelings inside them. Each one knew the situation the other was in and they didn’t want to make it any tougher that it had to be. They reached at her brother’s. Neither of them wanted to ring the bell and get inside. They wanted to spend the night in each others arms. They wanted more than just that. Tisha was walking ahead; she suddenly stopped and turned to look at Rajveer and that was it. All the reluctance, all the constraints lifted off at that second. Rajveer marched towards her hungrily, dragged her onto the wall with utmost passion, pressed her against it and placed his lips on hers. The moment their lips touched, Tisha melted away, all the thought bubbles, the tension in her body, everything just vanished, she could feel the fireworks of pleasure in her body. It was her very first kiss and it was exactly how she had always fancied it to be. Rajveer made his grip tighter around her waist, his hands exploring her body; he could feel her warm breath against his neck. He pulled back for a split second to look upon her face, just to make sure it was real, that she was real. He felt beatific and before he realized it, his lips were already on hers once again, making her ‘his‘. He kept saying it to himself – “She’s mine” with an unknown pride and joy in his heart. They went on kissing each other till they were finally out of breath to go on. When Rajveer finally pulled back, he looked at her, she smiled shyly at him and his heart leaped a beat at this sight.

They finally went up to the door, rang the bell and went inside to their rooms to sleep, the entire time thinking about what just had happened! 🙂


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