Valentines’ euphoria… She loved him. He loved her more. Indistinct tale space….

She seemed super calm, composed, confident and her usual charming self as the day began. There was a new streak in her smile, her hair style and even the glow on her face. She was clad in a vibrant yellow saree, which made every head turn towards her. She was indeed enjoying the attention. She kept walking on the footpath, one of her favorite songs playing inside her eardrums, on a repeat mode of course! She was almost there.. almost at the giant gate of her new office, ready to walk in and take on the world, when something suddenly stopped her from taking that another step forward!

“What is it?”, she asked herself, “what now? What is bothering you?”A feeble sound echoed in her head, feeble; but seemed stronger than the music that was playing on her iPod. “I love you”, she could hear. Now loud and clear. It was a voice, very much known to her, very much dear to her! She panicked. Her heart ached. It was then, she realized how much she had missed his voice, his presence, his touch, his smell, his tantrums, the deliberate fights, the pillow fights, the loathings, the make up kisses, the bear hugs, the silly stupid arguments over picking a movie to watch, and just everything about him. She shook her head side to side and tried to keep those thoughts aside and cursed herself for being such a drama queen about it.

He had been away from her for a mere ten days. And she was eagerly waiting for her lone time, she wanted this! The fights had become frequent and nastier in the near past and she was waiting for the time when he had to go away on his business trip. She tried to recollect at that moment and all she could gather from her heart’s content was that, not one single day had passed when she did not miss his presence, his constant displeasure at her doings and his constant trials to make her better at everything. He was, he is, the essence of her life. He is the heart and soul of her body. She wanted him back. Right at that moment. She wanted to lose herself in his arms. All those bitterness had melted away into a frenzy.

She took out her cellphone, searched his number, and sent a message “I love you darling, I want you as my present on this valentine’s day.. just like last year and last to last year and the year before that…. Chuck that miserable business deal and come back home soon. Samaara also misses her dada a lot. Kisses”- Princess Samaara and your queen, your majesty! :*


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